Thanksgiving Is Better When You Travel With Your Family

Many of my friends will soon be preparing for their Thanksgiving holidays, making plans to party or take advantage of the sales to do a lot of shopping. A few of them will think of heading home to be together with their family. In all of this rush to meet the expectations of the world and popular culture, we have forgotten what Thanksgiving is all about.

Is Thanksgiving Only a Holiday?

Sunset at the Big Bear Dam

Sunset at the Big Bear Dam

If the offers presented by the travel, tourism and hospitality industry are anything to go by, one would assume Thanksgiving is only about going on a vacation so you can make everyone on social media envy you. But do we remember that the true essence of this day is in giving thanks to God for His tender mercies and abundant provisions in the form of harvest? This is one day to be grateful for all that you have. And even if you have nothing to boast about, you still have beautiful sunrises and sunsets which are free for all. A gorgeous sunset that comes to mind is the one at the Big Bear Dam in Southern California. The sight of the sun dipping into the Big Bear Lake is one to behold!

What Keeps You Warm in the Winters?

The wood stove fireplace at Four Seasons Retreat

The wood stove fireplace at Four Seasons Retreat

In our world of thermostats, room heaters, bed warmers and fireplaces, we only think of warmth that can be felt with the skin. But what about the warmth that the heart thirsts for? Is there an electric fireplace for that? There are still some things technology cannot replace, and never will. Love is one such thing. Thanksgiving is a time for the family to be together – not only in bodies but also the hearts. If you don’t have enough room in your house, rent a cosy property at the foot of Moonridge in California’s quiet hideout.

Beyond Turkeys & Big Meals

The modular kitchen at Bear's Lair

The modular kitchen at Bear’s Lair

The few families that still gather together on Thanksgiving Eve, worry about what to stuff into their turkey or if the food will be good enough for the guests. If we put our focus on cooking with love and receiving our kindred with arms wide open, the material things would cease to matter. If you enjoy playing chef to a home full of hungry relatives, you will delight in the modular kitchen at Bear’s Lair which boasts of an island that sits between the cooktop and the dining table.

A Home Away from Home

Pinewood Escape in Fox Farm

Pinewood Escape in Fox Farm

If you were planning on repeating last year’s Thanksgiving rituals this year too, then you need to look for a change. A quiet time away from the routine life at home, and a relaxing getaway to Big Bear Lake. Look for a house you can book on Big Bear Cool Cabins and take advantage of their Thanksgiving offer. You will get your 4th night free when you pay for 3 nights at any of their 350 cabins and private homes. All you have to do is enter “4thFREE” as the promo code when you make your booking. Note that this offer is valid only from 21st to 26th November of 2018.

Big Bear has plenty to offer those who seek. Set on the mountains of Southern California, this vacation favourite has homes that let you escape into another world altogether. Hidden amidst wooded pine trees, its approach roads covered in snow, some of the houses are bound to make you fall in love with them. A couple of miles away from Bear Mountian, Pinewood Escape has an unusual architecture that makes it stand out in Fox Farm.

Big Bear Lake – Highlight between the Hills

Big Bear Lake in California

Big Bear Lake in California

The biggest attraction in Big Bear Lake (the city) is, of course, the Big Bear Lake (the lake). Winters at this lake are quite different from the summers. Most of the watersport opportunities are closed due to the harsh weather, but there is still a lot you can do here – hiking, for instance. Do something different this Thanksgiving!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Would you prefer to travel with your family?

Let me know through your comments below. 🙂

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