Photo Editing Hacks to Scale Your Influence as a Property Reviewer, Realtor or Travel Blogger

It is often the case that a place you have seen with the naked eye doesn’t quite appear that way in a photograph. If you are in the business of reviewing properties, dealing with real estate or even travel blogging, you will know the importance of editing pictures before they go live on your website or social media pages. It is a commonly known fact that pictures attract more eyeballs than written content. If you are new to photo editing or find it overwhelming to do anything beyond simple edits, this article is for you! Grow your credibility as a realtor, travel influencer or property reviewer with these simple yet effective methods.

Master the Art of Composing Pictures

Residency Lake Resort in Mulshi
Residency Lake Resort in Mulshi (after the edits)

Photo editing begins much before you actually sit with an editing app. You must begin with a view in your head before you click any photo because cropping cannot always give you what you’d like. Don’t be like those photographers who take hundreds of shots of the same scene without even knowing what they want. Photo composition begins with a vision. Aim to align together all the important elements that you want to capture in a shot. Even if you are not familiar with the ‘golden ratios’ and the ‘rule of the thirds’ when it comes to composing a picture, you will be able to tell the difference between something that looks well put together and a shot that is random or without a purpose.

Don’t Shy Away from Retouching

Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala (after the edits)
Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala (after the edits)

Retouchers are some of the most sought after people after photographers when it comes to professional shoots. Basic photo editing can only get you so far. If you wish to highlight some elements of a property while downplaying some others, you will either have to invest in a good retouching specialist or learn the ropes yourself. It is a misconception that retouching is only for fashion magazines to make models look younger and slimmer. Even dated buildings can look like swanky mansions when you play the retouching card right.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

It is for photo editing novices to make everything look bright. Sometimes, dimming the light sets the mood and hits the right notes with your clients when you are aiming for closed deals or more juice from your affiliate links. Move on from daylight setups and experiment with twilight or artificial light sources such as candles. If you are lucky to have enough natural light, take your pictures then. But remember that ambient lighting appears much better than sun-scorched walls. Sometimes, even a well-composed night shot will do the trick.

Use a Professional Photo Editing Service

A professionally retouched photo by Phixer

Photo editing is no joke, and you will come around to this conclusion only once you get your hands dirty. If you struggle with the concepts of aestheticism and would rather concentrate on your primary work (of writing about, critiquing or selling properties), leave the job of photo retouching to the experts. Sign up with Phixer – the #1 real estate photo editing company in the USA. With a TAT of just 12 hours, their team of 800+ professional photo editors help you transform the exteriors and interiors of any type of property. Apart from simple photo enhancement and retouching, Phixer lets you add or remove objects from the scene through virtual staging and renovation. Sign up with them to get 3 free real estate photo or video editing projects!

Take Videos Where Photos Can’t Do Justice

Room interiors are better shown through videos
Room interiors are better shown through videos

If you still haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon, perhaps you should do it now. Viewers and buyers trust videos more than still images when making their final decision of a booking or a purchase. Even as a facilitator, you will be able to show your property more comprehensively when you do a video tour. If you are shy to upload those amateur videos, trust Phixer’s professional video editing service to make them look like 4K Hollywood-style movies. Now, do more with your photos and videos – enhance how you and your brand are perceived!

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