For Travel Goals that are Long Term…

“I’m quitting my job to travel.”

I broke this news to my parents last month. They were too baffled and disappointed to react.

“Do you have enough money?” My father finally broke his silence. He had asked me the question I had been asking myself for several months. The more I pondered over this matter, the stronger my decision became. I realized that I want to live for my dreams, and not to be wealthy.

You cannot always predict where the road will lead you (picture from Paro)

You cannot always predict where the road will lead you. (Picture from Paro, Bhutan)

The Road Not Taken

I wasn’t surprised at my decision at all. After all, I had been fed on Robert Frost’s timeless poem – ‘The Road Not Taken’ and countless stories of bravehearts who leave their lives of comfort to chase their dreams. I grew up watching love stories where people would give up all of their money and fight to the ends of the earth to be one with the person they treasured. How could I then be a coward and continue doing what a regressive society expects me to?

Dreams are sweeter when our future plans are secure

Dreams are sweeter when our future plans are secure

A Contingency Plan

There was some truth in what my father said, though. How would I sleep in peace if I did not know how to pay for the night? How would I literally travel the world if my pockets did not have enough to afford the tickets? And how would I be happy with my decision if the worries of the world bothered me?

I knew I needed to get my finances sorted! Throughout my short span in the corporate world, I had managed to set aside small chunks of my salary. I did not know what I was saving for, but I knew I’d be thanking myself later. I suppose, life was preparing me for the eventuality of getting closer to my dreams.

For the nomadic traveller's ever-changing home, her finances must be strong. (Somewhere in the Himalayas)

For the nomadic traveller’s ever-changing home, her finances must be strong. (Somewhere in the Himalayas)

Towards Long Term Financial Goals

Now that I know I’ll need to be more careful with money, I’m keeping an eye out for investment instruments that will serve my need for long term protection. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has told me that on 22nd June, 2017, they’ll introduce a product with dual benefits of growth and protection to help me #JiyoBefikar. You and I will have another option to consider as we sit down to do our financial planing for the year. Stay tuned with us for updates on the launch. You may want to get live notifications on Twitter – @BajajAllianzLIC and their Facebook page.

A happy meal is when you've left your worries behind (traditional Bhutanese fare)

A happy meal is when you’ve left your worries behind. (Traditional Bhutanese fare)

The Wise Do Not Worry

Matters of money don’t have to crease your forehead with worry lines. You only have to be aware of your needs, keep your eyes open to the offerings that meet those needs, plan meticulously to find the best fit, and finally, act on your decisions – #InvestBefikar. Why should wealth come in the way of your dreams?

Some smiles stay beyond a picture

Some smiles stay beyond a picture. (At Jaldapara National Park)

Have you had the courage to pursue your dreams? Let my readers (and me) know through your comments below! 🙂

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25 thoughts on “For Travel Goals that are Long Term…

  1. I did follow my dreams, and had taken a courageous step of moving out from the comfort of my family for the better of all them who are special to me.
    But yes I didnot have the financial frowns on my forehead to worry about.
    Live life for your dreams. I too have started doing that.

  2. A few days ago I watched TED channel and the speaker explained why not to follow your passion by citing an example of people’s passion/dream for music. There are many musicians but hardly 2-3 % of them become successful. So follow the profession which is valuable and not passion. For few seconds it convinced me but later on, I felt that life without passion is really a boring life. I am sure that one day you will be among 2-3% population who pursue their dreams and goals with perseverance. Wish you all the best and good luck.

    • Thank you so much, Sunil! 🙂 This was a difficult decision, but my heart is set on this career path. I cannot see myself in the mirror if I don’t follow my dream of travel writing.

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  6. It’s best decision in your life, people don’t want to leave their comfort zone, and then regret for not pursue their dreams, you are true inspiration for all of us, love and respect for your most crucial decision, I hope one day you’ll be most famous among travel blogger’s fraternity, and more than that you’ll be satisfied by your decision,

    All the best 👍👍

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