When A Traveller Takes A Holiday

Holidays, to most people, often mean a trip to a new place or to family. But if all you do for a living is travel, what do you do on a holiday? With my new life as a full-time travel writer (read – …Because Travelers Have Responsibilities Too!), I have begun to wonder what a holiday is to me. I am always in a new place, eating new things, meeting new people. What if I had to take a vacation from all of that?

One Sunset After Another

The sun sets over Lithuania's capital - Vilnius

The sun sets over Lithuania’s capital – Vilnius

I had been waking up to different views on most mornings – an old church spire outside my bedroom’s window (read – The Romance of Riga), a babbler in my balcony (read – Why The Serai Bandipur Is Every Birdwatcher’s Paradise) or a group of giggly girls in my dorm (read – How Stops Hostel Is Making Delhi Feel Like A European City). One day, I thought that my vacation would be staying at home – just the opposite of the regular person’s idea of a vacation. But thankfully, I was wrong. I discovered my true break here in California, where I am embracing the spirit of slow-travel, by staying at one place (away from home) and yet seeing new things around.

Travelling Deeper

The streets of Budapest are fun to walk on.

The streets of Budapest are fun to walk on.

This is not the first time I’m travelling slow. I’ve done this before in Lleida (read – How I Started a New Life in Catalonia). But this time, things are different. I am immersing myself in the American life, learning how people get by, experimenting with new ingredients as I cook something interesting each day. And while I am doing all of this, I’m also on the search for new hills to hike on, new lakes to gaze at, and a new song to hum on my road trips.

Collecting Memories

Reading Terminal Market in Philly

Reading Terminal Market in Philly

I have been capturing every day through my camera, if not my words. But I search for things more tangible – something I can take back home with me. While I look through trinkets at quaint markets in old towns and busy squares, I am reminded that I can also shop online. I have been browsing through jClub lately, and am amazed by the discounts they have throughout their site! They also offer free shipping and free 30-day returns. When I told them I’d like my readers to have some discounts as well, they sent me an exclusive promo code for all of you! Use “OINDRILADE” when you use my referral link to shop on jClub for your holiday and daily needs.

More Holidays To Come

Christmas vibes are in the air already!

Christmas vibes are in the air already!

Last month, I saw the thrill of shopping on Black Friday. But the shopping season is not over yet, I am told. There will be Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year sales all through December. I can already see most of the houses in my neighbourhood decked up for the holidays. They hadn’t even begun removing the Halloween decor, and Christmas decor already had to be put up!

Making Exceptions

Winter trips are better when you have new things to wear.

Winter trips are better when you have new things to wear.

I’m not much of a shopper but I broke my own rule by buying a lot of things in America. It feels nice sometimes to wear something new. You are the same old person, gift-wrapped for a place that’s not so new anymore!

What do you take back with you from every trip?

Are you a shopaholic?

Write your comments below! 🙂

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