When a Traveller Comes Home…

As travellers, we pack our bags and set out to explore places far and wide. But most of us come back to a place we call “home”… a place where we bring back our memories… recharge the batteries of our system… and plot our next quest! It is with the aim of reflecting on our own spaces, our homes, our green-rooms (that help us prepare for our performances in the world), that I write this post today.

Where do you dream?

Where do you dream?

A globe by my night table – to help me dream of unseen places

Pictures of my hosts strung on a wall – to remind me of their faces

Soft cushions to rest my tired limbs that’ll hike up a hundred hills

Fluffy blankets to dig my fingers into before they play again with quills

My bedroom is where I dream after I’m done with my dose of reality for the day. It is very important for a travel blogger to dream if she wants to bring her dreams to life the next morning. Last Saturday, I met one such dreamer who had succeeded in making his dreams come true. I was in the company of Sonu Sood, the Bollywood heartthrob, whose aspirations took him from Chandigarh to Mumbai.

Sonu has recently gotten his home in Punjab transformed by Godrej Interio. He was at the Interio showroom to share his experience with the world (before he agreed for some private time with your favourite travel blogger 🙂 ).

Sonu Sood talks about the transformation of his home

Sonu Sood talks about the transformation of his home

He took us through the video of the transformation process. He has a beautiful, spacious home in Chandigarh where his father lives. After Sonu lost his mother, he decided to give their home a makeover because his mum had always wanted one. The Godrej Interio team of interior decorators had several meetings with Sonu and his family to understand their personalities and choices before they worked on a plan to transform the house.

Sonu prefers simplicity. He likes minimalism, straight lines and light colours. The entire project took about 25 days when the Interio team redid every room, brought in new furniture (some shipped all the way from Mumbai) and painted the walls in soothing colours. Sonu’s room was given a tint of green to match his lively character. Their living room is where Sonu spends most of his time – relaxing and reading a book. The transformation gave this Bollywood star a much needed break and brought his family together – even his sister flew down from the States.

You too can be lucky and have your home transformed by interior decor specialists! All you have to do is enter Godrej Interio’s Upload & Transform Season 3 contest. Here’s what you could win:-

Living Room

Your drawing room is what your guests see first thing when they enter your abode. Is it not wise then to ensure this room reflects your personality accurately? Your taste in sofa, wall unit or even rug can reveal whether you prefer the good life or crave simplicity. The size and organization of your seating space can tell if you love company or like to be on your own.


If you have managed to “draw” people into your “drawing” room, you must share your dining and cooking space next. A modular kitchen tells visitors that you love fine dining and exquisite cuisines. If you have a small bar table in your living room with bar-stools to match, you project that you like to pour some drinks and have a good time every so often.


Bedrooms are not for everyone to see. Only a close friend or somebody who will stay over is privy to your most intimate living-space. And this is why your deepest thoughts should emanate from this room. A comfortable bed helps you sleep and dream better. That translates to better executed plans. Your bedroom is your private place where you let all our thoughts loose and think about deep questions (like the meaning of life, perhaps?). This is why the furniture should keep you in your element.

Does your room "sport" your character?

Does your room “sport” your character?

If you are an active person like I, your room will show that. Many have their gyms (or at least treadmills) built into their bedrooms. Does your room betray your loyalty to your favourite football club? Do you have bedsheets and pillowcases screaming who you support? Your space tells people if you wish to be a painter or a cricketer! Use your furniture with care – it reveals more about your soul than you’d imagine.

Kid’s Room

For those of us who have or live with little children, we must be considerate towards their tastes and preferences. Most kids love vibrant colours and elements that have a theme or tell a story. Make sure your kid’s furniture is safe and easy for her/him to use. Their rooms are where your kids will grow and spend their “me” time.

Safe to keep your stuff safe

Safe to keep your stuff safe


All the furniture ideas I presented here are thanks to the creativity of the Godrej Interio team. They design one other gadget that every home must install – a safe. Travellers like us are often away from home. Most of us don’t have an extra pair of eyes to watch over our precious things. This is where a safe comes in to put your minds to rest – so you can enjoy your vacation without having to think about thieves partying at your place. 😉

Goodies to mark this good day

Goodies to mark this good day

I’d like to thank the Godrej team for inviting me to cover their meet-and-greet event and gifting me this beautiful goodie-basket (full of my favourite things from Godrej Nature’s Basket 🙂 ).

This post is part of the Godrej Interio activity at Blogadda.com.

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