Take Your Travel Blogging to The Next Level Through These Upskilling Techniques

If you have been in the travel blogging business for a few years, you will agree that old school writing no longer makes the cut in the present times. While good content is still valued, it is very rarely read. Most Millennials are impatient even with the blogs they read and the content they consume. Also, thanks to the boom in online content, it is hard to grab anybody’s attention, to begin with. There is no reason to lose heart, though. There are many ways to revamp your travel blog, and very specifically, your articles. Take some cues from the tips outlined hereunder.

Draw Inspiration From High-Quality Content

Most of my travel writer friends are voracious readers.
(Caught my pal from Nat Geo Traveller busy with her favourite pastime.)

Let’s get one thing straight at the outset: you cannot be a great writer unless you are an eager reader first. Get into a habit of reading well-researched, high-quality and engaging pieces. Understand what draws you to those types of articles. Is it the writing style? The in-depth coverage? Or a concept so novel that you cannot seem to ignore it? Gently try to incorporate the techniques that work best for the most widely read posts. A word of caution here: do not imitate! Try to be original in your writing style while putting all the inspiration to good use.

Make Friends With Grammar Nazis

Take time to reflect on the constructive criticism you receive.
(Deep thinking with my buddies in the hills of Prabalgad, Maharashtra)

If you are a true writer of yore, you’ll most likely be a grammar Nazi yourself. However, if you are a new-generation blogger without much of a flair for writing, you can still cultivate this art. Pay attention to some basics such as spellings and grammar. The only thing that can ruin a really good travel story with stunning photos is a poorly worded article. Not everybody is a gifted writer, but that does not mean one cannot master this skill. Do not be upset when you encounter grammar Nazis who constantly point out spelling mistakes or grammatical corrections that are wanting in your blog posts. Embrace learning even when it comes in the form of criticism.

Improve The Images That Go With The Words

It has taken me years to better my photography & editing skills, and I’m still learning.
(My click from Thimphu, Bhutan)

About a decade ago, an excellently written piece was enough to make a blog post a big hit with the readers. Unfortunately, a lot more is required today. When your post is competing with several other articles waiting to be read, (apart from other tasks lingering on the long laundry-list of the average reader’s schedule), you’ve got to up your game. High-resolution, well-framed and neatly edited photos are almost mandatory if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, more so if you do travel blogging. Pepper your long posts with beautiful pictures that are relevant to the content. If you struggle with photography, you can always procure images from copywright-free sources.

Consider Taking An English Test Prep Course

Exams have a way of setting you on fire. You learn more when you know you’ll be tested.

Don’t feel shy about taking up courses in the English language (if you blog in English or wish to start eventually). If your trips to English-speaking countries have stoked your wanderlust enough to move or work from there, you will have to take the IELTS. I suggest signing up for the IELTS reading practice test and the  IELTS Writing Practice Test at BestMyTest. With features such as realistic simulations of IELTS tests, personalized study plans, diagnostic reports, instructor assistance and in-depth reviews of all testing sections, especially the subjective ones (Speaking and Writing), BestMyTest sets itself apart from the competition. They will even offer you 10% off all online IELTS preparation plans when you use my referral link with the code 2DEALSPOTIELTS! Your fluency in English is certain to improve when you get serious about it.

Experiment With Different Tones & Writing Formats Until You Find Your Best Fit

I’m busy blogging even as I await my flight out of Russia.

There is no golden formula for a well-written travelogue. While some talented writers focus on the destination and the locals, some others like to assume an introspective tone, sharing mostly about their personal experiences on a trip. Elaborately worded adjective-heavy sentences are a staple of certain bloggers. On the other hand, some prefer to keep their travel accounts simple and crisp. I know of blogs that provide detailed information on a place, while certain others exist only to generate curiosity, barely giving anything away. You can play around with different styles and see what works with your audience and also what you personally like. In the end, your writing should reflect a bit of you, regardless of what you write about.

Are you a travel blogging veteran with more tips to share?

Or are you new to travel writing who needs more guidance?

Let me know through your comments below.

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Have We Forgotten That “Travel Blogging” Is Also About “Blogging”?

A few years ago, blogging meant writing long, sincere articles on topics close to our heart. The very word “blog” comes from the term “weblog” which literally means “an account (or log) maintained on the web”. Over time, the wave of “microblogging” (think tweeting, Instagramming, etc.) has reduced this art to a shadow of its former self. These days, I come across a lot of people who claim to be bloggers but don’t have a website or even an article to their credit! Does an Instagram account with a bunch of selfies or a daily addiction to posting disappearing stories of one’s private life justify the title of a “blogger”?

Where Has Writing Disappeared?

Attila Jozsef's statue sits by the Hungarian Parliament building, this Hungarian poet's lines from one of his poems raised on the steps below.

Attila József’s statue sits by the Hungarian Parliament building, this Hungarian poet’s lines from one of his poems raised on the steps below.

I am reminded of the days when writers and poets had the courage and the strength to pen their thoughts down to be immortalized even as foreign armies mortified their will to live. They wrote so much in times of war. We write so little now that we have peace. I was strolling by the Pest side of Budapest one day, taking one step at a time on the cobbled embankment by the River Danube. There, beside the architecturally imposing Hungarian Parliament building, I noticed the bronze sculpture of Attila József, the poet who wrote: “By The Danube” (A Dunánál in Hungarian). A couple of verses from that poem stood out on the marble steps below the steps where he was seated. Is it not ironical that precious writing is engraved on stones and preserved in our museums with the same enthusiasm with which we delete e-books from our phones to make more room for apps that promote narcissism?

Are Pictures Really Worth A Thousand Words?

Lake Fatehsagar in Udaipur entices me to linger here a little longer.

Lake Fatehsagar in Udaipur entices me to linger here a little longer.

There was a time when travel blogging was about painting a picture of the place with the brushstrokes of words. Each article would at the max have a couple of pictures. Fast forward to today, and a DSLR, an editing app and a string of carelessly thrown phrases (as caption) are making photographers believe they are travel bloggers. A famous saying goes – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I beg to differ. A picture does not show you what your eyes cannot see. It does not tell you of the sounds that accompanied the sights or what the touch of a feather felt like. A great photo may attract an audience, but only great writing can keep them there.

How Should One Swim Against The Current?

Few of us have friends who tell us where we're going wrong.

Few of us have friends who tell us where we’re going wrong.

If you too, like others, are guilty of introducing yourself as a blogger without owning a blog (and no, a Facebook page or a Snapchat / Instagram / Twitter account doesn’t count), it is time you rectified your mistake. Either acknowledge that you only do microblogging or (what I recommend) get your own blog! You will thank me later when you discover the joys of long-form blogging. If writing does not come naturally to you, practise different styles until you know what feels more authentic to your personality.

Do You Need To Be Tech-Savvy To Blog?

Just like saplings that need a pot to grow their tiny roots in, our thoughts need space to fledge in.

Just like saplings that need a pot to grow their tiny roots in, our thoughts need space to fledge in.

Many gifted writers I know do not write on digital platforms because they cannot be bothered with the perceived hassle of managing a website. They are intimidated by the thoughts of getting a design for their site and paying through the nose for web hosting. Setting up your own blog is not rocket science! ResellerClub, for instance, provides pre-installed hosting so you can hit the ground running with zero assistance even as someone with no technical knowledge. Use my promo code – OINDRILADE to get 30% off on all of their WordPress Hosting Lite plans. You also get an SSL certificate free for the first year (the secure sockets layer padlock green sign on the browser assures your audience that your website is trustworthy). Did you know that your site will be hosted by ResellerClub on the cloud, so it’ll be quite fast?

Did Anybody Say “Vlogging”?

If only blogging could be done this way... (The Serai Bandipur's welcome note on a leaf.)

If only blogging could be done this way… (The Serai Bandipur’s welcome note on a leaf.)

A popular argument against old-style writing is the diminishing attention-span of the youth. Apparently, nobody has the patience to read a good, long article! But show them a video that takes just as much of their time, and they’ll watch it till the end. Video blogging or “vlogging” has become the latest “cool thing to do” for bloggers. But can that medium really give the viewer the freedom to vividly imagine a place guided only by the words of a writer? Don’t motion pictures put an end to the imagination by declaring what is and what isn’t? Can videos let the audience stay in their makebelieve world for as long as they wish? The second the clip ends, the magic is gone. Stories woven by the written word stay with people a long while, especially if they’ve taken a long time to read.

Will Blogging Ever Be Meaningful Again?

An early morning breakfast can get your creative juices flowing.

An early morning breakfast can get your creative juices flowing.

As a writer, I have daily wars to wage. Wars against naysayers who think I’m wasting my education and youth. Wars against the millions of mini Kim Kardashians out there who hog most of the social media attention, thanks to the ever-changing and degrading notions of what is “cool”. Wars against my dwindling confidence in my ability to make a living out of a career that I consider cathartic. And also those wars against blank pages that refuse to be filled. Then, I remember the writers who wrote all through all the big wars that have made History such a heartbreaking subject. And I know that the best writing happens in the middle of a war.

Do you still believe in long-form blogging?

Let me know through your comments below!

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